by James Marrow, Hogan & Hogan

Q. What’s a fourteen-letter word or phrase for “one who regularly solves puzzles”?

A. Cruciverbalist. (We also would have accepted “appellatejudge.”)

This issue, the HBA Appellate Section blog offers a crossword puzzle loosely themed on appellate law (and, in particular, the excellent articles submitted this month by the blog’s many outstanding contributors). For those familiar with the days-of-the-week convention for grading crossword difficulty, this puzzle is (intended to be) a “Tuesday.”

For those who prefer to solve online, there is a .PUZ version of the file. (To solve online, you may need the Across Lite software, which is available for free.)

A PDF version of the puzzle is available. The solution—not to imply that the blog’s readers need such help—is also available.


Click to view regular size.