by Jill Schumacher, Editor-in-Chief, Daniels & Tredennick, LLP

The practice of law is a team sport.  This is an inherent aspect of the practice of law.  It is true for all practitioners, regardless of whether they practice on a trial team or as a solo appellate practitioner.  By its nature, the practice of law encompasses the social bodies that make laws, interpret laws, and report laws.  As advocates, we use those resources to help our clients resolve disputes.  We argue, in essence, that our clients should receive a particular outcome because others in similar situations received a particular outcome, or that our clients should receive a particular outcome because others in the future should receive that same outcome.  We use the consensus within the community, as reported in judicial decisions, to persuade.

Because the law works in this way, publications such as the Appellate Lawyer, can have an important supporting role in the community of practitioners.  As Editor-in-Chief of the Appellate Lawyer, my goal has been to make the publication more user-friendly to Houston’s appellate practitioners so that it can aid as much as possible in supporting our communal practice.  I have tried to personally reach out to as many lawyers as I could to solicit ideas for content as well as contributions.  In this past year, we have changed the format and we have developed a team of strong editors to support authors who are willing to share their insights through publication.  But, my ability to make this publication helpful is limited by the limitations of my own ideas, experiences, and perspective.  If you have any ideas for how to improve this publication or if you would like to contribute content, please reach out to me at

Thank you for your consideration.