Welcome to the inaugural edition of the newly revamped The Appellate Lawyer, the newsletter of the HBA Appellate Practice Section! Every other month you will receive an e-mail like this that will include a link to the columns in the newsletter. Each newsletter will include four columns:

  1. “Rewrite this Sentence.” A column by Justice Bill Boyce in which he discusses a sentence from a United States Supreme Court opinion.
  2. “Did You Know?” A column by JoAnn Storey highlighting an interesting, useful, or curious fact related to appellate law or appellate practice.
  3. Profiles of the Justices. A column featuring a profile of one or two justices on the courts of appeals in Texas. This month’s newsletter begins those profiles with interviews of Chief Justice Sherry Radack of the First Court of Appeals and Chief Justice Terrie Livingston of the Second Court of Appeals.
  4. Case Summaries. This column will highlight cases from the First and Fourteenth Courts of Appeals that focus on procedure or are otherwise noteworthy.

From time to time other columns may appear, depending on the committee’s ability to twist the arms of experienced practitioners to share their wisdom. But you can always expect to see the four columns just listed.

The members of the newsletter committee are listed on the right side of this page. The technical editors, responsible for producing the bi-monthly newsletter, are Stephen Barrick and Derek Bauman. We could not have done this without them.

If you have any comments about anything you read in the newsletter or have a suggestion for one of the columns, please e-mail us at submissions@hbaappellatelawyer.org.